The FLY People

Michele Kadison - Creator/Writer is a choreographer, dance teacher, writer, director, and producer, with a trajectory in theatre that spans over 20 years. She has worked with directors Federico Fellini and Lindsay Kemp as an actress and dancer; founded the NY production company NY Live Productions; choreographed commercials for Proctor & Gamble and others; industrials for Self Magazine, MTV, Fashion & Footwear of NY; countless music videos;  and worked on the TV series Grapevine, directed by David Frankel, along with numerous stage productions. She most recently choreographed and acted in the film "Los Marciano" in Argentina with actress Rita Cortese.

Mark Myers - Creator/Writer is a writer and producer based in Los Angeles.  Mark is currently producing the international magazine/lifestyle show M7 for Espen Entertainment.  In addition, he recently produced the films Saving Home for Turtle Island Films, Warriors of Peace, The 33 Day War for San Francisco based Warrior Films and Jobs For Rent for Partial Reality.  He is also currently in development on several television series including a late night animated talk show with The Simpsons’ production company, Film Roman, an eco-cooking show featuring internationally known eco-chef Bryant Terry and Ripple Effect, a non-fiction/reality philanthropic series.  Mark has also developed, produced and written a number of other non-fiction/documentary projects for BRAVO, Discovery, etc.  Animation writing and producing includes, The Eco Family for the BBC, American Dragon, Fillmore and Pepper Ann for Disney, George of the Jungle for Cartoon Network and the international hit Four Eyes for Porchlight and FR3.  Other credits include comedy projects for HBO, VH1, MTV and ABC.

MarteStudio - Character Design, Animation, Production. Founded in 1998, MarteStudio is comprised of four of the most experienced animation and CG artists in Costa Rica and is considered one of the best animation and visual effects companies in Latin America.  With a catalogue of award-winning animation work for advertising productions, feature films, short films, and documentaries, their strength is in handling character design, storyboard, and final production. MarteStudio utilizes all kinds of techniques, including 2D and 3D animation, visual effects , CGI combined with live-action, and mixed style animation.

Francesca Lasarte - Illustrator From Peru, Francesca Lasarte has three degrees in the letters field, which she earned while developing her expertise in graphics. Integrating her passion for writinh, illustration, and design, she has created numerous comic strips and blogs after spending five years as a radio host in Lima. Francesca created the original designs for FLY By Night.

George Kallis - Composer is a prolific film and TV composer, renowned for his thematic compositions and ethno-musicological traits to his scores. His recent work includes 'Highlander The Source' (Lionsgate), 'Joy Division' (Momentum Pictures) and he has just finished scoring the indie feature 'Dry Run' starring Max Ryan (Sex and the City2). George began his career as a composer by working his way up from scoring documentaries, commercials and international multimedia installations. He holds a Masters of Music by the Royal College of Music in London and a dual Bachelor of Music degree by Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

Pauletta Brooks - Creative Consultant is the director of "Something From Nothing Creative" where she is developing numerous made-for-television projects, including an Art-based reality show.  A prolific creator, she is also a jewelry designer and book writer.