- based on The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler1946  Eyes Bigley is hired to keep an eye on General Bolivar Weevil's youngest daughter, Madge, who has fallen into bad company and is likely to do some damage to herself and the reputation of the Weevil family. Meanwhile, Bigley falls for Madge's older sister, Ms. Quito, a former beauty queen who had been living in Ecuador for years to get away from her family. Drugs, a pornography ring, and murder keep Bigley's antenna alert as one plot thickens after another.

 - based on A Touch of Evil by Whit Masterson 1958
(screenplay and direction by Orson Welles)  A container is blown up as it enters the yard. The rivalrous Inspecta Side is never above planting evidence in order to solve a case ahead of Eyes, but always in the name of “lawn order.” General Weevil is accused of the crime. Eyes investigates and must testify against the General, even though he may have been set up. Police corruption and a hard-edged hooker fill out the plot, adding to a battle of wits and a thrilling climax.

- based on The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammet 1941  Eyes is hounded by Inspecta Side when an associate is killed while tailing a suspect.  The girl who asked Eyes to follow the suspect is not only a hooker, but is involved in something to do with the “Lacquered Lepidoptera”, a gold encrusted life-size statue of a butterfly, the only one of its kind. Unbeknownst to many, the Lacquered Lepi is encrusted with rare jewels from antennae to wing.